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Monolingual Maestro or Polyglot Prodigy: Which Programming Path Resonates with You?

Would you prefer to possess unparalleled mastery in a single programming language or a diverse repertoire across multiple languages? Which path ignites your coding spirit? What are the potential advantages and challenges of each approach? And how do you think your chosen path would shape your coding journey?

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I'm a polygloth and at first I thought it would be better but turns out it makes it harder to get a decent job or I end up getting assigned to something that I'm not really into but still capable of.

The good part about it is that I'm usually the one that can see solutions other people can't and learn things very fast.

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Jean-Michel (

I thing there are not really wrong paths, even if you learn a "bad" programming language you can and will easily course correct

My path was to try multiple languages then I settled down on one.
I learned from each one I've learned, even if I didn't use it much.
There are plenty of transferable skills and concepts.
Learn haskell, go back to Java but write it a bit differently.

Then at some point I settled down on Kotlin because it was very productive for most things I wanted to do with a programming language.
Even if Rust or whatever were marginally better, the existing skills I had make Kotlin the obvious choice and I focused instead of aspects that made bigger impact, and usually those were non technical things.

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