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If You Could Automate One Aspect of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Imagine putting a single task or responsibility on autopilot. What would it be, and how would it change your daily routine?

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José Pablo Ramírez Vargas

Cleaning and cooking. But damn, do I cook well!

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Sarthak Sharma


How about an automation that extract all the text and video information from all news sources. News sources and views from both side of an issue. Propaganda toned down to my personal preference. :D

And Finally representing it in a 30 min documentary I can watch.

So that I can navigate my way better in this chaos. 😄

adamdsherman profile image

I bet (one day) AI could do that. There are websites out there that aggregate articles from news sites and rate them on their left or right side bias. I wonder if you could get AI to read all the articles around a particular event and distill it into 1 article?

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Ingo Steinke

I'd love to automate the chores and challenges away, that can't be automated. Like @taikedz said, tax returns and other paperwork would be a good start. Yes, I tried tools that promise to automate and it's the same kind of empty promise that AI brings to research and creative work. You can delegate the easy stuff, but once it gets complex and personal, you can't – or you need a very intelligent and committed person with a lot of empathy that I can trust 100%. That would be a better version of myself, basically.

But that's what I'd like to delegate if I could.

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Tai Kedzierski • Edited

I find the question to have a second level - which tasks would you delegate (if you can afford it, frankly, a cleaner in need of an honest employer (nudge nudge could it be you?) would be a good start) , vs which ones you would need to automate.

I like cooking so it's hardly ever a chore. That might be of some help to someone maybe... because most of my hobbies involve thinking/words, I cannot listen to podcasts whilst working/hobbying, so catching up on those during cooking time is perfect.

I've relegated organising things to just putting them in my calendar and that has taken care of most scenarios...

For the automation.... tax returns and accounting, and paperwork sorting. Cannot stand that for sheeeeeet (arguably, instead of automating or delegating, I could opt for obliterating)

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Grace Icay

Chores like cleaning, cooking, organizing stuff. Very menial jobs, mostly

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Ryan Brown

The keeping the body going stuff like drs appointments, dentists, haircuts. The things that take dealing with other people to keep this slowly decaying husk mobile and functioning.
Not the day to day stuff, that's ok.

Ok that gives me an idea... D&D geek time... A Litch who just wanted to code more, that's all...

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Donny C

Learning in General. I get bored so easily whenever i'm reading a new book or learning something new. Would love it if i could automate those stuff. Like having a second brain at the back which would do those stuff while i dozed off. Would learn everything i need to know without having to put in the effort. 🥰

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Just the basics. Laundry, dishes, stuff that doesn't inherently take that long, but ends up being just one more thing to do among 15 other things.

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Jake Lundberg

Cleaning the house...definitely. This would give me so much more time for coding!

adriens profile image

Just housekeeping... loving to much to buy and cook food 😋

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Acid Coder

the release of dopamine

so I don't need to do anything to feel good