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Have You Explored Coding Roles in New Industries?

Have you ever considered blending your coding skills with your passion for a new industry? If so, what job opportunities or roles have you found that combine your coding expertise with your interests?

Let's share and discuss some potential roles that caught your attention and why they intrigued you. Who knows, we might discover some exciting new paths to explore!

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Jean-Michel ( • Edited

I'm going into recruiting because

  • recruiting is very important
  • tech recruiting is usually broken
  • developer skills are really valuable because who can understand a developer better than another developer?

If that's interesting to you, send me an email via

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Mike Stemle

I’ve tried. The problem I’ve always run into is the one where either the new industry pays significantly less, or they’re not interested in more serious programming help, and are only looking for part-time people or folks who have other domain-specific skills like robotics or battery engineering.

bradtaniguchi profile image

I'm lucky, my passion is building things better by improving how software is engineered. So it still applies to all industries! :D

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