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What Global Problem Would Your Tech Solution Solve?

If you had the ability to create a game-changing technology that addresses one of the world's most pressing issues, which problem would you choose, and how would your envisioned technology make a lasting impact on society?

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Laura M Rollins

My technology solution can potentially address various global problems such as climate change, healthcare accessibility, education disparities, poverty and inequality, cybersecurity, and resource management.
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Paweł Ciosek • Edited

AI system/app to inform about food near the end of its use-by date. That would require that every single package has a some kind of chip with end date information. With power of IoT and AI we could automatically share information to owner (eg. shop) about possibility to give away food to someone in need or reduce price of item (encourage to buy).

Edit. Goal is to reduce waste of food

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Francis Enechukwu🇳🇬🇨🇦

I will choose security🤔, cyber security to be precise. I am from Nigeria, and I know the impact of cyber frauds has done to Nigerians☹️. As I am speaking right now, people are been scammed of their hard earned money🤯. All because of lack of enlightenment on the issue of cyber frauds or security😕.
I was once a victim of that art😒.
So, cyber security is one of my prime goal of becoming a programmer🙂.

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Soban Hassan

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Alex Benson

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