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Can You Transform Blame into Empowerment?

How has your perception of life's challenges and your ability to take responsibility for your own well-being evolved over time? Can you share a specific experience where you shifted from blaming external factors to taking control of your response and finding a solution?

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Bogomil Shopov - Бого

A great and powerful topic. I do have something to share.
In the past, I blamed or complained a lot about external factors like changes in strategy, priorities, and team dynamics. Instead of controlling what I could, I got frustrated and left the team.

That was not good for me in terms of career and mental health, so what I did instead was:

  • focus on what I could control - my feelings and reactions. I started to look for positivity in every change and what it does for me.
  • Talk to others with similar feelings to get insights into the situation and how they cope.

That "model" changed my perspective on how I generally look at work life. I can talk about that if you are in need or in such a situation. Please reach out!

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I strongly believe we have influence over one another. While we can pick and choose how we're influenced by other's actions, there is are levels to this. Sometimes subconscious, and other times in our faces. I do think on the grander scale of things, we do have agency to navigate ourselves. Although on what level, yet again, changes depending on our personality and means.

As I've gotten older, and lord knows I do not have all the answers, about all I've figured out is that you have to do the best you can with what you've got. Reasonable goals are better than grandeur, but big goals move the soul. That life needs money, and money is power. Or at least it can be security, which without can put you in a desperate place.

This is all to say that there more times than not will be some form of compromising happening in your life. The further you are away from what is considered "normal," the more compromise you'll have to give to get equal footing. And that there's really nothing you can do against that, because you're a minority. So in turn, just let go any anguish surrounding it and find the way you can be the most functional/well-kept with what you've got.

If you can't stand on your own, get help from others. If you can't find others in your immediate environment, seek them out. It's a two way street, aid others who seek you out. Try to contribute to safer environments. And just in general, let the people know who you are and what you're about. Because the more we normalize our differences, the better we get as a whole.

Hope any of this helps someone, somewhere.

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Jen Chan

Commenting simply to follow any advice on how that can be done 🤣