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How Do You Relax?

Share a mindful practice, ritual, or relaxation method that helps you unwind and maybe also brings you deeper insights about yourself or the world around you.

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Playing guitar! 🎸

And really pleasure playing... like not learning a song, but just sitting there with the guitar, letting my mind wander, and improvising on things. It's best when I got my cousin there with me, so we can alternate playing rhythm and lead. If not, a loop pedal works pretty well. 😂

jordantylerburchett profile image
Jordan Tyler Burchett

Same.. Sometimes it's just nice to set and play, nothing in particular, just play 🎶

parenttobias profile image
Toby Parent

Arpeggios, runs and riffs on ukulele, guitar or mandolin, depending on how ambitious in feeling. Mindfulness in motion.

berviantoleo profile image
Bervianto Leo Pratama

Eating food

Eating Food GIF

imparth profile image
Parth • imParth

Really 😄

bogomil profile image
Bogomil Shopov - Бого

Listening to heavy metal music and exploring some new technology.

tolyapro profile image
Tolya Pro

A walk in the fresh air and a cup of coffee ☕

rycodes profile image

A good book and a warm cup of tea always does the trick. If I feel very overwhelmed I just stare out the window the trees, the birds, the rain, etc. and drink my tea. But the tea(or coffee) is standard. 🍵☕

ralphhightower profile image
Ralph Hightower • Edited
  • Spending time with our beagle(s), Austin. Unfortunately, we lost River from a diabetic seizure a month before she turned seven.
  • Photography; film using my Canon A-1 and my "bucket list camera" Canon New F-1, and digital with my Canon EOS 5D III.
  • Listening to Classic Rock, Classic Vinyl, Deep Tracks, Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen channels on SiriusXM.
  • Designing and developing C# .NET applications/systems for personal projects; since I'm retired, that's all I do. When I employed, a personal project read the missions schedules that NASA published in Excell and added the events into the calendar of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Water-skiing. I've water-skied on three South Carolina lakes, Lake Murray, Lake Greenwood, and Clark Hill Lake, and two Midwestern rivers, Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the Mississippi between the Quad Cities of Davenport, Bettendorf in Iowa, and Moline, Rock Island in Illinois.

Oops! I forgot something.

  • Craft beers. The following beers are my favorites from South Carolina craft beer breweries:
  1. River Rat Broad River Red Ale
  2. River Rat Mourning Stout
  3. Steelhands Coffee Lager
  4. Palmetto Brewing Expresso
  5. Palmetto Brewing GhostRider1
  6. Holy City Brewing Bowens Island Oyster Stout
  7. Legal Remedy World Court Mocha Blonde Stout.
  8. Steelhands Pecan Brown Ale

  1. Palmetto Brewing GhostRider is made with ghost peppers, cherries are used to moderate the heat. It gives one a warm feeling in the chest. 

arafatweb profile image
Arafat Hossain Ar

Talking to my friends & family, traveling with them, having fun with them is my source of relaxation and peace.

ant1ne profile image

Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation every day! In addition to gym training 2/3 times a week and spending time playing with my son

rajaerobinson profile image
Rajae Robinson

Classical music - Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart

joxx profile image
joachim kliemann

I can relax well when I practice Tai Chi Chuan or while gardening

alxwnth profile image

Spending time outside without any devices, simply observing nature and letting my mind wander. I'll always keep a pocket notepad to write any ideas that pop up so they don't clutter my head.

renancferro profile image
Renan Ferro

The old and coolest way: Listen to good music, drink a good beer and watch a good sunset 😋

ralphhightower profile image
Ralph Hightower

Oh yea, I forgot about craft beers.

wraith profile image
Jake Lundberg

What's relaxing? 😛

christianpaez profile image
Christian Paez

Reading or listening to Jazz/Classical

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Parth • imParth

Listening to music is the best way to relax at any time. But when you have rapid thoughts that time do meditation.