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Kotlin's Interoperability: Impact on Android Dev Choice?

How has Kotlin's interoperability with Java influenced your decision to adopt Kotlin in Android development or other projects?

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Mike Stemle

I’ve used Kotlin for things I needed to be interoperable between Java and JavaScript before, and Kotlin was fun to play with on that.

Outside of that experiment I haven’t really played with Kotlin much.

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Jean-Michel ( • Edited

My history is that in 2015 I was super frustrated with Android development

If you know Android, you know Jake Wharton

Jake Wharton is the Chuck Norris of Android development.

Jake wrote down was working at Square and already convinced its colleague to try Project Kotlin.
He likes to write so he wrote down in an internal document why?

In a crucial step he decided to release that internal document to the world

Frustration + Jake Wharton = I was immediatly convinced.

I released Kotlin to production way before it reached 1.0