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Which Developers Are in High Demand Now?

Hey, hey, it's the Daily Byte! Over the next several days, we'll be talking about developer roles, success taits, and the future ahead.

Share your observations on trending developer roles and the skills in high demand

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Jean-Michel (

On a macro-economic level, the demand might be relatively lower for you.
But don't despair, there is a huge difference between the macro and individual level.
You can drastically improve your chances at getting a job if you realize that it is not helpful to be technically good if nobody is aware of that.
And that if it is your case, your priority should not be to acquire even more technical skills, but to focus on the area where your sucks

  • define your career project because if you don't know where you are going, how do you want to get there ?
  • learn to avoid companies and recruiting process where you will waste lots of time for a low probability of success
  • learn basic marketing skills because getting hired means selling yourself
  • learn to prepare for interviews because that's the mother of all battles

I'm doing this kind of career coaching at the moment in France and it makes a huge difference. Devs often don't realize how valuable they are to companies.

durosyan profile image

How do we know which companies will waste time?

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Ingo Steinke

Find your niche! I don't know why web performance, accessibility, and ecology aren't major mainstream must-haves yet, but there seem to be too few people who care, so I seem to be in high demand now.

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Jimmy Lipham

When money gets tight and we're looking to add brainpower to the team, the more experience throughout the stack that a developer has, the better. So we tend to lean toward more generalist engineers that can split time between teams if needed from release to release.

Ignoring the economic/industry climate, we've been hiring heavily on the React/NodeJS side of the house.

(Your mileage may vary depending on team structures and corporate cashflow)

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I have the feeling that eventually some level of AI knowledge is going to be expected of developers. Not the underlying & specifics but knowing your way around using models in the business case you're tackling.

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James Lau

This I agree with. I've already started looking into adding it to my daily productivity use. Spell checking, some development questions, news. It's like a search without sifting through the search links.

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Yogi Saputro

I think "high demand" is skewed to the choice of tech stack or programming language. One alternative is to look at mature products. What products do people complain about? They are in high demand as well.

I have met or heard about Odoo developer, Zapier integration specialist, Salesforce specialist, Wordpress plugin developer, Google docs add-on maker. Not to mention big corporate boys like Cisco, Oracle, etc. It doesn't hurt to look around these ecosystem and find your way as product specialist.

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Ramesh Kannan

Flutter growing emersively

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Mark Matthew Vergara

Where do you see updates?