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What's the Main Issue in Software Today?

Hey, hey, it's the Daily Byte! Over the next several days, we'll be talking about developer roles, success taits, and the future ahead. Today we want to know:"

What is the single most pressing issue currently confronting the software industry?

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Thomas Pegler

For me, it seems to be the constant attempts of management trying to fit “digital” into the same workflows, management systems and expectations as older, traditional work.

Every senior manager I’ve had who hasn’t been from a tech background (which has been a lot), has expected both the work and the workers to behave exactly like every other traditional, non-digital, department. This is just wrong. Not only is the work different, the process of the work is different and the output is different. For me, this manifests most starkly by people expecting concrete timelines for mostly unknown work and then getting upset when that’s either inevitably incorrect or they don’t get an answer they want. I don’t think I’ve ever been given enough time to properly scope work in order to provide a timeframe because scoping is seen as “not beneficial” work. If the company doesn’t get any financial benefit from the work, it doesn’t count.

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Grace Icay

Too much available tech, too little tech that actually matters and actually solves problems

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In today's software industry, almost all basic applications have been published, and the only room left is new dedicated applications for specific purposes.
These small applications should looking for a gap in the software industry. Most of these empty rooms are "edgy" ones, involving cutting-edge technologies, edge markets, and new innovative businesses. In this space, the speed is incredibly fast, everything changes every day.

The challenge lies in balancing stability and innovation. A part of the software industry is evolving rapidly; every day brings a better technology. Meanwhile, we also need a stable, standard version of software to rely on. The lifespan of technologies that developers use is too short. Businesses require stablilty for technologies to depend on, but developers are eager for new tools. I agree this would be different for every group but I'm talking generally.

To address this, we need to establish a standard for migration, particularly an improved Open Data Standard.

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Jean-Michel (

Broken IT recruiting processes

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Ninetysix Solutions

Certainly! The main issue in software development today is cybersecurity, which is due to several critical reasons. Cybersecurity is the primary issue in software development today because of the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks and the need to comply with stringent data protection regulations and maintain user trust. Addressing this challenge requires a comprehensive, proactive, and collaborative approach to ensure software security and user data protection.

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🤔 I may say... a huge WIP 🤮