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Caption This! πŸ€”πŸ’­

Calling all clever minds! Put your thinking caps on and drop the most hilariously brilliant caption to unravel the story hiding in this snap.

Glasses, a couple rocks, and a chain making a smiley face

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rasheedmozaffar profile image
Rasheed K Mozaffar

The sinister look of my IDE knowing it'll yell at me cuz I typed private string and didn't give the variable a name in less than 2ms

mitchiemt11 profile image
Mitchell Mutandah

The chain reaction to a good day: Instant smiles!

mrlinxed profile image
Mr. Linxed

"Are you going to use that variable like you said you would 5 minutes ago?"

yowise profile image

"Indeed, I must admit it is rather impressive."

yeasin2002 profile image
Md Kawsar Islam Yeasin

"When you let your inner Picasso loose on a Monday morning."

nombrekeff profile image

Not so bad, could be worse.

lyzab profile image
Elizabeth Ajileye

A caption that's not actually a caption πŸ˜‚