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Music Monday — What are you listening to? (Our Parents' Faves Edition)

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Alright, so this time around we're gonna share those tunes most loved by our parents. Perhaps they passed on their love for music from an earlier decade? Maybe they challenged you early on with obscure jazz, old-timey bluegrass, or classical and you grew to love it. Or perhaps they shared music with you that you absolutely can't stand even today... lay it on me, I'm here to commiserate (and/or politely disagree 😋). By the way, "parents" is a loose term... whoever helped bring you up and left a musical mark on your life is fair game here. Looking forward to listening to y'all's suggestions! 🥁

A scene from Mrs. Doubtfire... Robin Williams plays a rambunctious father who is throwing a birthday party for his son. In this scene, we see a wild party where he is dancing on the table with his son and another kid, while a pony walks into the framed shot and is clearly visible inside the house. It looks like a super fun party with no rules and Robin Williams looks like a big kid, not a typical dad.

How we do

In this weekly series, folks can chime in and drop links to whatever it is they've been listening to recently + browse others suggestions. You can follow the suggested genre if you'd like, but don't feel confined to it; you're free to suggest whatever you wanna. 🙌

If you're interested in having other discussions about music, consider following the aptly named #music discussions organization.

If you can't tell I'm running low on ideas... if you have any thoughts on a genre you'd like me to cover or perhaps return to, don't hesitate to let me know about it. 😅 Note: you can embed a link to your song using the following syntax {% embed https://... %}. This should work for most common platforms!

Now, lemme hear what ya got! 👂🎶

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montyharper profile image
Monty Harper • Edited

"When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school /
It's a wonder I can think at all."
That was one of my Dad's favorite song lyrics, of which there were many. He wasn't super musical himself but would walk around singing certain lines from certain songs quite often to express his mood. I always think of my dad when I hear those songs. He introduced me to Paul Simon and I'm still a huge fan.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Awwww yeah, love this mention. This paints a really nice picture of your dad, appreciate ya sharing. 💚

And Paul Simon is one of my faves...

jimmylipham profile image
Jimmy Lipham

Oooh! Parent rock? Heck yes please.

This brings me back to the Napster days of my youth. Sitting in our dining room, 4 computers sharing a dialup connection. My dad would download tons of songs and here are a few that have played this morning that would've been in that downloads folder:

Here's what's currently playing here:

  • The Who - Eminence Front
  • Rare Earth - I just want to celebrate
  • Steely Dan - Do it Again
  • Pink Floyd - Time
  • Rare Earth - Get Ready
  • Chic - Good Times
  • Bad Company - Burnin Sky
  • Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
  • Free - All Right Now
michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Awww yeah!! Just mentioning the name Napster takes me back. The minute I hear the word "dialup" the signature noise starts up in my head — it's kind of like an avante-garde instrumental song. In any case, you're def taking me back with you! 😀

These are some classic tunes! I could still listen to each one of these today and enjoy the heck out of 'em. I don't know Rare Earth off-hand, so those 2 tunes I defintely gotta check out!

I watched a fun little short doc on Keith Moon, The Who's drummer, yesterday. What a wild man... he's got some chops and originality. I'm gonna throw on Eminence Front right now then headed to Rare Earth. 🌏

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington • Edited

My parents turned me on to a lot of wonderful music. 💚

One artist that I keep returning to these past few years is Aaron Neville, a Lousiana native and part of The Neville Brothers, who are one of the most acclaimed groups outta New Orleans... which, I think NOLa is one of the most musically interesting places on the planet, especially during the time period in which they were making music there. But yeah, Aaron Neville is one of a kind... his vocals are incredible.

I particularly love his solo album Warm Your Heart. Here are a couple of my favorites plucked from it. Hope y'all enjoy:

jimmylipham profile image
Jimmy Lipham

I had lots of Neville on my playlist back in the day! Dude's voice is as smooth as silk. Going to load up some more now! Thanks for the throwback.

stefanmoore profile image
Stefan Moore

Im listening to some Earth, Wind and Fire today.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Oooo YES! I love that group... and my parents do too! 🕺

I was just talking about their song "September" with another DEV member... here's that comment.

In short though, just check out the following video. I think you'll find it interesting!

Good suggestion, Stefan. Thanks for chiming in here! 🙌