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Music Monday — What are you listening to? (Punk Rock Edition)

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Continuing to zoom into Rock's sub-genres, I'd like to put the magnifying glass on punk rock. I personally don't claim to be that well versed in this sub-genre of music, but I know that it spans multiple decades and there are plenty of sub-genres within the sub-genre (post-punk, hardcore, pop punk, etc.) It's also more than music — it's a whole cultural movement and even a lifestyle for some. Whatever punk means to you, I'd like to hear it. Please share your favorite punk musicians, songs, albums, and school me on everything punk!

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How we do

In this weekly series, folks can chime in and drop links to whatever it is they've been listening to recently + browse others suggestions.

If you like talking about music, consider following the org #music discussions for more conversations about music!

Alright, let's rock! 🤘 Note: you can embed a link to your song using the following syntax {% embed https://... %}. This should work for most common platforms!

I look forward to listening to y'all's suggestions! 🎶

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

While I don't consider myself much of a punk rocker, I know a little bit!

My favorite old school punk band is probably The Clash... I particularly love the song "Police and Thieves" which is really kinda punk mixed with reggae, something that The Clash often liked to do:

Also, while writing this up, I stumbled upon the song "Your Mom" by THICK (the cover image of this post is from the music video) which has amazing humor and is just all around awesome:

stmcallister profile image
Scott McAllister

Punk music always brings back a lot of memories of high school. And, at the top of that list of music I had on high rotation was Face to Face.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Never heard of these folks before, but this is awesome! I wanna be there, haha. Really appreciate ya sharing!

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