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Sebastien Lorber

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This Week In React #184: Patching, Expo, Strict Mode, DevTools, Next.js, Mitosis, Twofold, Terminosaurus...

Hi everyone!

We're back after a short break, covering two weeks of news!

I hope you have recovered well from the React 19 beta release πŸ˜„ But it's not over, we are entering an exciting period with React Conf, Vercel Ship, App.js and many other conferences just around the corner.

This week, React patching globals was a hot topic in the ecosystem. We also had a few interesting React-related releases, including 2 major headless libraries.

As expected, Expo SDK 51 is out, and it looks like it's a good time to try out the New Architecture.

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Speaking of discounts, Josh Comeau is also offering one for his flagship course The Joy of React. In addition to an already great discount, our readers get an extra 10% off with code "TWIR"!

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βš›οΈ React

React Aria release, May 1

React Aria release, May 1

Adobe engineers recently released many improvements to their unstyled, accessible React component library. The highlights are:

  • Submenu, see the dedicated blog post
  • 7 new color picker components
  • TreeView alpha
  • DropZone + FileTrigger
  • Typed client-side router integration
  • onAction/isDisabled item API
  • Better tree shaking (~4x smaller)

Headless UI v2.0 for React

Headless UI v2.0 for React

The Tailwind team released a major upgrade to their unstyled, accessible React component library. The highlights are:

  • Built-in anchor positioning, using Floating UI
  • New form element components: Checkbox, Input, Label, Field
  • Combobox list virtualization using TanStack Virtual
  • Hover/focus/active data attributes using React Aria
  • New docs website

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Omlet β€” a new component analytics tool for React πŸ”Ž

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  • Unused and deprecated components to remove
  • Similar or redundant components to consolidate
  • Recently created components that indicate emerging patterns
  • Component dependencies so you can estimate and visualize the impact of code updates

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πŸ“± React-Native

This section is authored by Benedikt.

Expo SDK 51

Expo SDK 51

Hot on the heels of React Native 0.74 follows the release of Expo SDK 51. This release mostly advances the internal architecture and promotes some previously experimental packages to the new default, so let me quickly get out of the way the topics we have already covered in this newsletter: New Architecture support for most Expo modules (there are still some known issues), Bridgeless support, support for Apple’s privacy manifest, β€œnext” versions of camera and sqlite package are now the default, Fingerprint no longer experimental. But there is also a new expo-symbols package featuring Apple’s SF Symbols library (iOS only), a new expo-video library, Expo Router 3.5 release with support for the # segment in URLs, and improvements to EAS Update (e.g. a web UI to roll out updates gradually). I expect bigger announcements around Expo Router (RSC πŸ‘€) at the upcoming React Conf, so stay tuned! One other significant change is that Expo Go, starting with version 51, only supports one single version of the Expo SDK. This decision makes absolute sense to me as it makes maintenance of the Expo Go app a lot easier and for most use cases, you should be using Expo Dev Client anyways.

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See ya! πŸ‘‹

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