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Sebastien Lorber
Sebastien Lorber

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This Week In React #171: Expo, Next.js, React-Email, Storybook, TypeScript, Vocs, Skottie, Harmony, VisionOS...

Hi everyone!

This week the official React conf has been announced. Co-hosted with Callstack, I hope for React Native to be well-covered! React 19 is coming, and we continue to get sneak peeks into upcoming features such as proper Web Components support. I wouldn't be surprised to see it being released during the conf alongside React Forget 🀞.

In other news, this week is full of interesting articles and releases, including Next.js, React-Emails...

The React Native world has woken up with an impressive Expo SDK 50 release, and Expo Router v3 becoming the very first universal full-stack React framework.

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βš›οΈ React

Next.js App Router Training

Next.js App Router Training

A playground with a quite exhaustive list of interactive demos about Next.js features. This is a great resource to understand how the Next.js App Router behaves by actually seeing it running with a convenient way to browse the related code.

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πŸ“± React-Native

This week’s React Native news is compiled by Benedikt. Feedback, suggestions or news to share? Let me know on Twitter.

Expo SDK 50

Expo SDK 50

Expo SDK 50 introduces Expo Dev Tools Plugins, comes with new SQLite and Camera APIs, and adds @expo/fingerprint, a new way to determine whether an updated JS bundle update is compatible with a given native build. This release also marks the end of Webpack support in Expo, which is now deprecated in favor of Metro. The best and most convenient way to get up to speed on Expo 50 is probably to watch Simon rattle through it in about 15 minutes on YouTube.

Expo Router v3

Expo Router v3

Along with Expo SDK 50, Expo Router v3 has been released. It brings lots of performance and stability improvements and comes with better docs. Most notably, there is now experimental support for building universal server endpoints with API Routes. Expo Router is now the very first universal, full-stack React framework!

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🀭 Fun


See ya! πŸ‘‹

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