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Sebastien Lorber
Sebastien Lorber

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This Week In React #132: Astro, Remix, Server Components, useGlobalState, Next.js, Redwood, Expo Router, Expo Image...

Hi everyone!

This week we have some nice releases with Astro 2.0 and Remix 1.11. Also some interesting content around Server Components.

React-Native is not left out with Expo Router in release candidate, Expo Image in beta, and a new solution to create Android widgets.

I was invited to the show Learn With Jason - Create and deploy a documentation website in which Jason makes his first steps on Docusaurus.

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βš›οΈ React

Astro 2.0

Astro 2.0

Astro releases its v2. New features highlighted:

  • Content Collections: Automatic type-safety for Markdown & MDX.
  • Hybrid Rendering: Static? Dynamic? Get the best of both worlds.
  • Redesigned Error Overlays
  • Improved Dev Server (HMR)
  • Vite 4.0
  • Public Roadmap

See also the article Introducing Content Collections: Type-Safe Markdown in Astro 2.0. It's about validating the front matter with Zod, to be able to use this data in a typed way in React components, and to have good error messages displayed with a good DX when front matter data that doesn't respect the schema. Definitely a good idea, by the way Docusaurus does it too 😜.

Remix 1.11

Remix 1.11

A nice Remix release with the main new features:

  • defer + <Await> to initiate a streamed response. The loader can return promises that will be awaited later on the client side.
  • Route Convention v2: a new convention (flat routes) that can be activated now and will become the default convention in v2.
  • Experimental support for CSS imports, CSS Modules, Vanilla Extract.

πŸ“± React-Native

Expo Router RC

Expo Router v1 Release Candidate

Expo Router proposes to create your mobile navigation (still based on React-Navigation) using file-system naming conventions, as do most React web frameworks already. We can find the usual features like layout routes, dynamic routes, error boundaries...

The most interesting for me: the universal support. Navigation is based on links, a <Link> component and Metro web support (experimental). Now that the native part of Expo is working well, I wouldn't be surprised to see Expo gradually become a universal full-stack framework, and realize Andrew Clark's prediction.

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