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Sebastien Lorber
Sebastien Lorber

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This Week In React #179: useActionState, Redwood, React-Navigation, RN-Screens, CodePush, VisionOS...

Hi everyone!

Another week full of interesting news! I found many links, and saved a few of them for next week, which should be a quiet one due to Easter Monday.

It's exciting to see Waku and Redwood becoming stronger meta-frameworks, and new innovative experiments built on top of Bun such as Kotekan and a pre-rendering macro.

React Native also has interesting updates, notably a React Navigation v7 sneak peek, and a nice React Native Screen upgrade.

I was at last week. It was a really great conf, and it was nice to meet some of you! It's great that Paris is finally back in the React conf game.

The party is not over, because next month we also have React Connection and React Native Connection on 22-23 April in Paris! The newsletter is once again a conf media partner. You can get a -20% discount with the code "TWIR", and we'll run a ticket giveaway on Twitter this Friday.

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React-admin: The Open-Source Framework for B2B apps

React-admin: The Open-Source Framework for B2B apps

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React Server Components now in RedwoodJS

React Server Components now in RedwoodJS

Bighorn, the next Redwood β€œepoch” starting at v8.0, will bet all-in on React Server Components. This article explains why Redwood now prefers RSCs over GraphQL, which wasn’t the best DX to get started with for most devs and projects. GraphQL will remain supported and can be used alongside RSCs in the same app. Redwood Cells now allow you to export a new β€œdata” function to load the Cell data.

You can try Redwood Bighorn today as a v8 canary release, but there are still many rough edges mentioned in the blog post, that they’ll fix before the official major release. There’s another interesting article to read comparing Redwood routing conventions to Next.js and Remix.

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This section is now co-authored with Benedikt. Feel free to send us your comments by email or on Twitter!

React Navigation - Introducing Static API

React Navigation - Introducing Static API

Arguably one of the most used and most important React Native libraries out there is React Navigation. The current major version (6) was introduced roughly three years ago, and now it seems we’re getting closer to the next major release. With v7 (currently in alpha), React Navigation is (re-)introducing a static API, which lets you define screens from an object configuration. This allows type inference (if you’ve ever created types for a dynamic React Navigation tree you know what that relieves you of) and also makes deep linking config easier (or partly automatic, even).

Make sure to also read the v7 upgrade guide if you want to know about other changes coming!

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See ya! πŸ‘‹

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Sean Dinan

As always, thank you for pulling together such a thorough wrap up!

Makes it way easier to keep myself up-to-date on React/React Native :)