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This Week In React #111: Reassure, Multiplayer Cursors, Next.js, Meteor, Storybook, TanStack, FlashList, Bun...

Hello everyone!

Another week with a lot of cool releases, like Reassure, FlashList or Bun 🤯

Also 2 interactive articles👌

Towards the end of July, I'll switch to a bi-monthly rhythm. That's going to allow me to evolve the format of this newsletter a bit.

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Reassure is a new React performance test library. Already presented previously, it has now been open-sourced by Callstack. It allows to post a report in a pull-request when perf regressions are detected. Example: a component that re-renders more slowly, or more often than before. For the moment only React-Native is supported, but web support will come very soon.

How to animate multiplayer cursors

A great interactive article that proposes to animate the mouse cursor on several browsers in real time. This is a more complicated problem than it seems. Each approach is illustrated with a React implementation and presents different tradeoffs: CSS transitions, spring, splines...

How to Use Next.js Middleware

Interactive article from the same author, presenting many middleware use cases. Already published here, it has just been updated following the official release of Next.js 12.2 which includes some breaking changes.

10 Years Of Meteor

Sacha Grief (co-author of Discover Meteor, and also of the State of JS, CSS surveys...) takes a look back at 10 years of his personal history with the framework. Meteor has lost popularity, but remains used and has greatly influenced our frontend ecosystem.

The mystery of React Element, children, parents and re-renders

Nadia highlights some React behaviors that can be surprising or even counter-intuitive, and explains in which case a parent's re-render will trigger a child's re-render on various edge-cases.

Storybook Community Showcase #2

Summary of the latest news from the Storybook community: Component Encyclopedia, Figma plugin, Story Explorer, and various addons: Variants, CSS variables, Recoil...

The new wave of React state management

Presents the different problems that state management libs have to solve, and compares some of them. Pre/post Redux retrospective. Complete article but quite long: not easy to read.


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FlashList - Fast & Performant React Native List

Shopify has just released FlashList, its alternative to FlatList to solve performance issues when scrolling and avoid showing empty cells. The goal is to keep 60fps even on low-end Android devices, without complicating the implementation. The library reuses already rendered cells: you'll have to adapt your use of React key to let it take over.


Lists the API support of each React-Native runtime (JSC, V8, Android...) in a comprehensive way. The author also explains why React Native recommends TS config lib: "es2017"



Bun - an incredibly fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime.

A new JavaScript runtime that competes directly with Node.js and Deno on performance, based on JSC (not v8) and written in Zig. A complete toolchain with a bundler, transpiler, package manager and even test runner. We already talked about the Bun bundler last year but the scope has expanded to something larger, and v0.1 has just been released.


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