Job Search Week 8

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I spent a lot of time this week doing cover letters and applying for different jobs using a couple of different job sites. I also did a review this week so improving slow and steady.

Day 1

On Monday I started making a layout of the Makers curriculum and all the project I did during Makers. The main reason for this is I wanted potential employers that don't know what Makers is to see the work I've done and the experience I've gained. I think it'll be helpful in my job search because where I lack a degree I more than makeup in coding experience and projects.

Day 2

On Tuesday I decided to do something similar to Monday and make a projects portfolio to show off the things I've been working on since Makers. This also shows the new skills I've learnt and other things I've been practising.

Day 3

So on Wednesday, I had a review it was a spell checker app that would highlight misspelt words. I was happy because as always I learned something new in this instance I learned it's better to postpone big decisions as long as possible. In my case, I started considering using a gem which I should not have considered yet. I now know I should have used a lot more sample data and worked through it most simply until I'd have to use a gem. But now I know for my next review.

Day 4

I spent Thursday tidying up some more repositories mainly the oyster card and takeaway repository. I also did quite a lot of job applications using total jobs which I was happy to get done.

Day 5

Friday I spent a lot of time on otta doing job applications and cover letters. Honestly, I like otta as a job site I think it had a nicer layout that was easier to use. I was also happier with my cover letters by the time I had done all those cover letters as they say practice makes perfect.


This week when well I think I'm now better prepared for doing external applications. I also got another review under my belt and I plan to do another one ASAP. I got a lot of applications done this week too which I was very happy to get done because I feel a lot more confident doing cover letters now.


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