Job Seach Week 9

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I spent this week redoing the battle challenge from week 3 at Makers it was a lot of fun mainly due to the fact the challenge is very similar to pokemon and I spent a lot of my childhood playing pokemon.

Day 1

On Monday I was wrapping up some of the other projects I had been doing just cleaning up the readme's and having a look at my battle repository so I could get an idea of what had to be done and looking back at it it was quite messy. So I just made a plan on how I would deal with it.

Day 2

I got started on the repository on Tuesday it was nice to get back to a project with a front-end and to use capybara and Sinatra. I was glad to get straight into some of the more difficult challenges like removing the global variables with class variables which was easy to do as we learned in the week after the battle challenge in Makers

Day 3

After I completed all the standard challenges I went back and did some of the additional challenges like making attacks do random damage and adding attacks that have additional effects like a poison effect which was fun and a little challenging.

Day 4

After adding attacks that added effects I knew I'd need a new class to keep track of these effects so I created a status class and added all the functionality for storing the status effects each player has.

Day 5
Finally, I decided to clean up the code making it DRY and readable. I also had to reorganise some of my feature tests because I previously had them all in the one file so I created a file for each [age and put the test for that page in them.


This week when well I'm very happy with getting the battle app done it was fun to do and to have made my own pokemon battle simulator quite surreal. I also got to see how far I've come since then which is reassuring and get some extra practice with my process.


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