Job Search Week 14

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This week I mainly worked on my React message board app this week. I'm getting thought it using Mocha and Chai but I'd like to look into using jest and enzyme as well. That was my main focus this week.

Day 1

I started by handling the route errors for the back end of the project. I Gave an error message for the GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE requests if someone but in invalid input or retrieve something that wasn't there.

Day 2

On Tuesday I continued to work with the back end finishing off the rest of the tests and doing some refactoring I'll be coming back to the back end when we connect Mongo to it.

Day 3

I did some work on my CV to reflect some of the new things I've worked on over the past couple of weeks and started making a template for my cover letters so that I could take it and adjust it based on the company.

Day 4

On Thursday I looked at the e-commerce project because I had initially spiked it and was going to go back and write the tests but after having a look at the project I decided I wanted to use Jest and Enzyme for testing that. So I'm going to finish the message board first.

Day 5

I continued to work on the message board app on Friday. I used the create-react-app command to make the front end file. I got started on the front end writing my first react test and making it pass.


I got quite a bit done in my message board app and having the template for cover letters makes it easier to do applications since I don't have to write them from scratch each time.


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