Job Search Week 11

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I started looking at python this week just to get an idea of what it was like to use and I quite enjoyed it but I think from now on I'm gonna focus on using a MERN stack because JavaScript is my favourite language to code in.

Day 1

Naturally, I started with the basics going over pythons lists(arrays), dictionary(hashes) etc. I had heard python was similar to ruby but I now see why people said it. But the syntax was all a little bit different so I'd often catch myself trying to type ruby which I was a little bit confusing but I managed.

Day 2

Next, I moved onto making an app in python. I used the battle app because I think it's a nice thing to start with. I started by building a character class and giving some basic stats that they'd all need giving them health magic and a basic attack. I then made the enemy and the player using this class.

Day 3

I then built a class that would run the game and started working on magic allowing it to first do damage then reduce your magic bar and finally I added healing magic to restore your health.

Day 4

I spent Thursday building usable items in the game magic potions health potions and attack items. I added these to the players choice of attacks on their turn. After that, I started adding some styling for the health bars and magic bars.

Day 5

Finally, I added multiple enemies and also added so artificial intelligence giving them a small chance to heal if they dropped below 50% health.


Python was interesting but I want to work on JavaScript right now and get really good at it. I feel like I'm better of knowing one thing really well than being a jack of all trades.


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