Job Search Week 6

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This week I managed to get a lot done. I managed to complete my react glucometer app although I'll defiantly go back to it and add more. I also got started on my group project which I'm very excited about and lastly, I got shortlisted for one of the companies at the careers fair.

Day 1

So I spent Monday working on my glucometer trying to figure out how to working on the Keypad and Key component. I did eventually go back and change it but it never hurts to practice testing.

Day 2

I also spent Tuesday working on the glucometer trying to figure out how the form would work using state. I also got the Key component displaying the Key values. I also added some snapshot tests.

Day 3

Day 3 was when I started on my group project. It was good to be back to pair programming hearing different ideas. We managed to get the first bit done as well we managed to get the form up and running but after doing looking into it I think it can be done better but I'll have to discuss it with my group next week.

Day 4

I started adding the actual functionality to my glucometer. It wasn't too much trouble I managed to get it working and displaying your bolus displayed and I added a feature to capture errors. I also got the form working which was nice to see.

Day 5

This was when I started rebuilding the form. It wasn't too much trouble I just had to save the states of each of the inputs when they were changed. It did make a big difference because it was now easier to test using enzyme so I was happy.


Overall a productive week I'm very happy with getting shortlisted and I feel a lot more comfortable with react forms and testing. Also to get the glucometer done was defiantly a win.


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