Job Search Week 18

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I got my message board app completed this week and I did another review. I also started a new project at the end of this week a MERN todo app which I'm testing with Jest.

Day 1

On Monday I finished off my message board app by connecting the front-end to the back-end. I also refactored the code to implement mongoose.

Day 2

After finishing the message board app I had to update the read me on how to use and run the tests so I did that on Tuesday formatting it making easy to read. I also updated my projects guide to show my message board project.

Day 3

Wednesday I did another review this one is my fifth review. It was a todo app built using ruby. My process is looking very good at the moment but I need to take a little more time at the start to ask more questions. So once I get that down I should be all good.

Day 4

I spent Thursday going over the review finishing what I had been doing and refactoring it. I also updated the read me to explain what it was and how it worked.

Day 5

Finally, on Friday, I started on my MERN todo app using Jest which I prefer over Mocha and Chai. I want to have a really well-tested app using Jest so I can get some extra practice in with Jest and the MERN stack.


Getting my project done was a great way to start the week and getting another review done is a good way of getting feedback. Plus starting a new project is always fun so this week was really good overall.


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