Job Search Week 16

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I spent this week doinng job applications I got 20 done in total as well as doing a cover letter for each. I was asked recently why I do them all at the end of the month the main reason is at the end of the month I know more about coding so I feel I can write a better cover letter.

Day 1

So I started the week by looking for jobs that would suit me. It took a bit of time because there's so many different job site, the main ones I use are Otta, LinkedIn, TotalJobs and Indeed. I mainly went for JavaScript jobs because that's what I've been practising recently.

Day 2

On Tuesday I started typing up cover letters for each of my job applications. Some of the applications would only let you add on document but one of my friend taught me a neat trick to just put your cover letter on top of your CV. Which meant I could get a cover letter in for every job.

Day 3

Wednesday I continued to look for jobs and type cover letters for the jobs that I had found. It was a lot easier to do with a template but it was difficult to decide what the most important points were. I would mainly got over the points that the application had down as essential and typed a short description of were I've used and learned those skills.

Day 4

I started sending off some of my applications on Thursday. I did manage to find some good jobs in places I'd like to work in or ideas I'd like to work on. Although I think sometime my cover letters don't convey my skill as a developer as well they should which is why I put my GitHub at the bottom so they can see proof on my skill as a developer instead of taking my word for it.

Day 5

I decide to continue to look for jobs and finish up the last few cover letters on Friday and decided I would send the rest off over the weekend. I was happy to get all those cover letters done and I definitely feel like I'm better at typing up cover letters thanks to it.

I got a lot of applications done this week which I'm happy about and I think my new system is working well. I would like to get some feedback on my portfolio so I might as my brother or some other developers.


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