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Job Search Week 3

kealanheena profile image kealanheena ・2 min read

So this week I spent mainly working on my react and javascript skills so that I can hopefully build a full-stack MERN web application. Which I feel like I could get started on next week.

Day 1

I continued working on React on Monday because I want to build a full-stack project with some other people from my cohort. It's weird to use since you have to write all your HTML and CSS in a script tag but so far I'm liking it.

Day 2

On Tuesday I went into makers to get started on this project so we got our repository set up, but I was only about halfway through the course I was doing so I didn't fully understand what was going on so I decided to continue working on the react course I was doing.

Day 3

I finally finished my React course on Wednesday which I was happy about. So now I just need to organise a date to get started on the MERN application but in the meantime, I'll practice JavaScript.

Day 4

I got started on my JavaScript practice it's nice to go over the basics to rebuild a strong understanding of the basic principles of JavaScript but now I can't wait to get started on the project. JavaScript was the language which I started with so It's nice to get back into it after doing a lot of Ruby.

Day 5

I was going to Paris on Saturday so I spent Friday packing for Paris so unfortunately I didn't get any coding done but I'll be fully restored after a holiday so I'll be ready to make up for lost time.


I feel like it was a good week I got to get React done and start some JavaScript. I didn't apply to any jobs this week which wasn't good but hopefully, I can send out some applications next week.


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