Job Search Week 12

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I spent most of this week doing job applications and working with Heroku and circle CI. I wanted to get some more practice in with continuous integration and hosting. I also started my first MERN stack project. I decided to go with a message board using CRUD hopefully with that I can get the hang of the MERN stack and then build some other projects.

Day 1

I started the week off by doing a couple of job applications and started looking at using Heroku. It's been a while since I've used Heroku so it took me a little while to get back into it but it was fine once I got it going.

Day 2

I spent Tuesday mostly doing job applications I mainly used total jobs, linkedin and otta because they're the sites I'm most comfortable using and I like the user interface. I wanted to get a lot of applications out so I could get started on a MERN stack project.

Day 3

Wednesday I made a template for setting up circle CI and Heroku so that with a few minor changes I could have a quick project set up a hosted website with continuous integration. This will help me when doing group projects to get used to using branches.

Day 4

Thursday I started on my first MERN stack project it's a message board app. I started doing the backend using mocha and chai for testing. I'm glad to finally get started on a full-stack project using react because once I've done this I can go back to my glucometer and add more to it.

Day 5

On Friday I continued to work on my message board getting the tests set up and creating an add method and giving the messages an ID and date using TDD.


Overall I feel like this week was good I got the template set up which will be very useful and I got started on my MERN stack project and got a few job applications out as well so a productive week!!


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