Job Search Week 7

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So I decided to clean up some of my repositories from Makers this week. I thought it'd be nice to go back over the basics and also have everything looking nice.

Day 1

So on Monday, I started with Boris bikes picking up where I had left off in week 1 of makers. It was quite fun to go back and see my old code and also see how far I've come since then. I managed to get through some of the things I had been stuck on and do some of the challenges I didn't get a chance to do.

Day 2

On Tuesday, I got to do some mocks and stubs which was nice because I wanted to get some practice in using them and now I've done that it makes more sense to me.

Day 3

I got more functionality done on Wednesday. I continued working with classes although a bit repetitive I think it's good to go over the basics because a solid understanding of the basics will help when implementing more complicated functionality. I also updated the documentation on Boris bikes to make it more relevant.

Day 4

I continued to work through Boris bike adding the van and garage classes to the project. I did notice that there were some similarities between the van, garage and docking station classes which was where the module came in.

Day 5

On Friday, I just finished off Boris bikes completing the last of the functionality and updating the documentation. I also got to use a module which I didn't get to during makes which were interesting to work with.


Overall I think this was a good week I worked on the basics and got Boris bikes and the airport challenge nicely cleaned up. I think I'll keep working through the Makers projects till along with my side projects.


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