Job Search Week 5

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This was a good week I managed to get a lot done. I started a new project at the start of the week, there was a career fair on Wednesday, I did a review and I got two applications sent off so overall a productive week.

Day 1

So on Monday, I started a new project using React using Jest and Enzyme so I could use the TDD process. It was a blog tutorial on how to make a calculator using React and TDD. It was nice to learn how to implement React in a full-stack app. previously I was mainly learning how React works through a Udemy course but it did mean I understood the blog a lot better.

Day 2

The second day of the week was mainly used to research the three companies doing their careers fair presentations, which included LeSalon, Beacon and RVU. I wanted to learn about them so I could ask relevant questions. I also managed to do a little work on my calculator.

Day 3

Wednesday was a career fair day which was a little weird because it was held remote because of current events. It was still good they all had some interesting ideas the two that caught my eye the most were LeSalon and Beacon. LeSalon is like a Deliveroo for beauticians where you can book a session for a mani-pedi or a message and Beacon was a company that wants to make international freight shipping easier and more efficient. These are the two I applied to so hopefully I'll get to the next stage.

Day 4

On Thursday I did a review which I think went well. after the review, the reviewer and I had a long conversation about TDD and he helped me to understand it a lot better he also recommended a book for me to read 'The Passionate Programmer'. So after that, I went back to my first review and redid it keeping in mind what he had told me. I also finished the review I was doing with the same mindset.

Day 5

I spent Friday continuing working on my calculator app and also preparing what I was going to write for my applications. I find I need to do this because if I don't my applications become rabbling of pure nonsense. Plus I don't like writing applications like most people, it just feels like unapologetic bragging.


I was super happy with everything I got done this week and getting those two applications sent off is such a relief. I'm hoping to get LeSalon more than Beacon but they would both be a great opportunity to learn something new.


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