Job Search Week 15

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This week I jumped between looking for jobs and my Mesasage Board app. I was happy with looking through a couple of jobs and having a list of places to apply makes the job hunt a little easier.

Day 1

Monday I started on my Message Board app and I had to fix some of the snapshot test that was failing which was quite a simple fix. I also split the message app into two smaller components to keep my code clean.

Day 2

Tuesday is when I started working with state and creating the form. I started by creating the form giving it state. After that I used a function to alter the state when the form was submitted.

Day 3

On Wesnesday I started working on error handling adding an error.json file in the mock folder. I created a error handler component and tested it so that I could later add the error handler to the message app component.

Day 4

I added the error handle to the message app component on Thursday as well as adding the delete function to the messages. After I did I refactored message list component to use the format message function to clean up my code.

Day 5

I spent Firday mainly looking for jobs, I like take a bit of extra time to look for jobs because I would rather apply to the company directly than go through recruiter because some recruiters don't mention the company by name so I can't look into the company more and decide if I like the company.


I was happy with what I got done this week getting to use mocks along with Mocha and Chai was interesting and I image it'll be very useful in the future. I was also happy to find a good few job opportunities on Friday so now all I've got to do is write up a cover letter for them.


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