Job Search Week 17

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This week I started with a review and I finished off the backend of my message board app. I also updated my CV and projects guide to show off my message board app.

Day 1

So I started this week off with a review. It was good to get another one done plus I'm definitely a lot better with my process. My feedback was mostly steady so I'm feeling a lot more confident with my process.

Day 2

On Tuesday I tidied up my review repository cleaning up and finishing any features I was adding and adding the read me. I also updated my projects guide to link to this review as it is my most recent review.

Day 3

I updated my GitHub Cv on Wednesday because I was mainly working on external CV's so I thought it'd be a good idea to update it to reflect what I've been doing. It was also nice to see how I've come since completing Makers.

Day 4

I was working on the message board app on Thursday. I was adding the update function and changing the HTML to show that you were updating a message. I also did quite a bit of debugging to fix some broken tests so it was a relief to get that done.

Day 5

Friday I did the error handling for the update function in case the user tries to give invalid input like an empty string. So I'm getting closer to wrapping this project up.


I felt really good about my review since the last time I did one the feedback had far more improving than steady. So it's good to see that I'm getting better. I'm also very close to finishing my message board app which would mean I've completed a full-stack MERN project.


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