Job Search Week 2

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My second week of the job search was fortunate because there was an external careers fair going on in London which meant I was able to apply to a lot of different companies. I also manage to get an external CV done.

Day 1

I started this week by applying to two of the companies at the careers fair, Anthony Nolan and Clear Bank. We were also told about a careers event on Thursday so I had to work on a CV that we could use for companies outside of Makers. This was surprisingly time-consuming because it has to be a lot more serious. I also found it quite difficult because I had to tailor it to a job in tech specifically, which I had never done before but I did get done so I was happy.

Day 2

I spent Tuesday with two other people from our cohort planning out an app as a side project. It's a date planning app that takes your favourite cuisine, activities and your location. It then plans a date based on these inputs, it'll search for a restaurant that matches your favourite cuisine which is within a chosen radius of your location, then it'll search for an activity from your favourite activities in the same way. Hopefully well get it started next week.

Day 3

Wednesday was spent trying to get my CV down to one page because it's best to only use one-page for a CV so that there is no rabbling. It was difficult to decide what was the most important because and get it down to only one-page but after getting it done it was satisfying.

Day 4

So I spent the morning researching the companies that would be at the event so that I could be informed and ask some good questions. The one that interested me the most was Labworks.io they create party games using Alexa, but unfortunately, they weren't hiring for entry-level jobs but they told me they would be in about 4 months so I handed in my CV.

Day 5

I mentioned that on Tuesday we made out a plan to make an app, we also decided on a MERN stack. So I started learning React on Friday because I've already used Mongo, Express and Node. So for I'm enjoying using React although it is weird writing HTML and CSS in a script tag, I'm sure I'll get used to it.


I was happy with what I got done this week I have an external CV, a project to start working on and I got to apply to a lot of jobs. I also got to talk to a lot of people in software development and see what technologies a lot of companies use.


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