Job Seach Week 10

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I spent a lot of time this week working on cover letters one of the coaches at Makers was helping me refine them to hopefully get more job offers.

Day 1

On Monday I worked on putting the final touches onto my battle project things like images for the characters getting a screenshot for the readme and also tidying up the readme. I also decided to go back and add a healing feature to it just to top it all off. I'm officially done with it.

Day 2

Tuesday was spent doing cover letters for different companies I think I starting to get more of a feel for what to write and how to write it. Although I'll never get used to feeling like I'm bragging. But I guess I can prove I'm not all talk through a tech test!!

Day 3

On Wednesday I spoke with one of the careers coaches and the looked over my cover letters and gave me some advice. I did have 2 sessions before this so the feedback was quite good just some minor weeks. They are definitely better than when I started so I'm happy with it.

Day 4

I started looking at something new to learn on Thursday I looked into maybe learning C++ or python. I played around with C++ but it didn't really stick. I was trying to use gtest which was a huge hassle to set up.

Day 5

I also looked into python and decided I liked the look of it better so I decided I'd learn a bit of that. I had heard it was quite similar to ruby after seeing it I could see why.


Overall I was happy to get practice in with my cover letters because I've always found CV or cover letters hard to write. But I think most people would say the same thing because outlining all your skills is something you don't do in a normal situation. I've also decided to go learn something new which is exciting and I can't wait to get started.


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