Job Search Week 1

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At the start of this week, I officially started my job search. I was glad to get my final project done and dusted but it does also mean I now have to find a job which nerve wreaking. It's not too bad because Makers have a career team who can help with getting a job so wish me luck.

Day 1

So at the start of the week, we did a morning stand-up and discussed how our first careers fair would go. We got to ask questions to clarify anything that we were unsure of. We also did a to-do list for getting ready for job hunting things like getting our CV's ready and thinking about future projects etc. So I started on my CV and eventually moved on to looking into some of the companies that would be at the careers fair so that I could ask them relevant questions.

Day 2

Day two was spent similarly to the first day touching up my CV and looking into the hiring partners who'll be at the careers fairs. I mainly looked into testing within Azure and Terraform, which was the most interesting tech stack out of the hiring partners.

Day 3

The careers fair was on the third day it was fun but also a bit weird to line up to talk to someone. There were three companies at the careers fair Anthony Nolan, Clear Bank and Paddle. I was most interested in Clear Bank and Anthony Nolan. They both used a similar stack, Azure and C#. Clear Bank also uses Terraform. I was happy enough because I manage to speak to one of the senior developers at Clear Bank and got to ask him some questions about how they do testing. I also got the chance to talk to the chief information officer of Anthony Nolan and got to see how passionate he was about the work he was doing which was inspiring.

Day 4

After the careers fair, I had to send out applications so we could potentially get shortlisted for an interview. So I spent a little more time looking into Clear Bank and Anthony Nolan so that I could submit a well-informed application. I also thought about making a project using an API after the careers fair.

Day 5

When I was talking to the senior developer at Clear Bank he mentioned that doing something your passionate about while using an API would be a good way to practice for the kind of work they do. So I spent Friday creating an app that uses a Studio Ghibli API that gets all the films and displays them in an order of your choice. I was very happy to get that done on Friday.


I managed to get mostly set up for the job hunt which means I can spend more time on different projects. I don’t think I'll get shortlisted for Clear Bank or Anthony Nolan because I think some people have had more time to practice the job search so it's likely they get them. But at least I'll learn something and I've got my first careers fair done.


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