Job Search Week 23

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I worked mainly on the front-end of my portfolio this week using react. I also did a review at the start of this week so see how I'm doing in terms of my process.

Day 1

I started off the week by doing a review. This one would be my sixth review. This one was a grade organiser to count and display the grades. It went well I was asked more questions and was able to get all the essential information before starting which was an improvement on last

Day 2

On Tuesday I went back to the review to tidy it up and finish off any part that was left undone. I always do this with the reviews I go back and finish them off with the feedback in mind to make sure I remember it.

Day 3

I went back to working on my portfolio on Wednesday. I Updated the styling on the Navbar, wrote up a profile for the homepage and added some styling to the IFrame.

Day 4

Thursday I added experience component for my work experience and spent the rest of the day styling projects and experience component.

Day 5

Finally, at the end of the week, I created the education component for displaying where I learned to code and styled it using cards. After that, I created the skills component to show off my technical skills.


This week went well because I got the review done and got positive feedback telling me I had improved which is always good. I'm also getting bits and pieces of my portfolio done which is nice to do because I like working with React. So overall a good week.


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