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Listen to Your Heart πŸ’–

πŸ”΄ Disclaimer: This post is enhanced with AI assistance.

A developer's journey, a path to explore,
But before you code, there's more to implore.
Behind the lines, a reason must lie,
A purpose that fuels, an answer to "why?"

For coding is craft, but just one in the fray,
Software development serves people each day.
To connect, understand, and solve their plight,
With empathy and logic, shed a guiding light.

Problem-solving, a key that unlocks the door,
Analytical thinking, to delve into the core.
Interpersonal skills, to bridge the gap,
With every solution, a helping hand to clasp.

Love not just code, but the people it serves,
Their struggles, their hopes, the lessons observed.
For coding without love, a mere empty shell,
A sword in the dark, with no cause to compel.

Rediscover your "why", let it be your guide,
In the tapestry of solutions, let your skill confide.
More than just pay, a purpose to find,
To leave the world better, a mark left behind.

Slogging and hours, not markers of worth,
Efficiency matters, balance on Earth.
Smart work, not toil, the path to pursue,
For life's a mosaic, with many hues.

If coding feels wrong, a path to explore,
There's no shame in seeking a different shore.
For talents reside in diverse lands,
And passions ignite in different hands.

So listen to your heart, let it be your guide,
Invest in the future, where your joy can reside.
Forget the sunk time, for it's never too late,
To rewrite your story, and seal your own fate.

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