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Don’t Live with Broken Windows

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Fix bad designs, wrong decisions, and poor code when you see them. ~ Tip #5 - The Pragmatic Programmer

In realms of code, where logic weaves its spell,
A broken window, a tale to tell.
Not panes of glass, but flaws unseen,
In functions wonky, logic unclean.

Bad designs, like weeds that choke the ground,
Spread their tendrils, where clarity's drowned.
Wrong decisions, like cracks in the wall,
Threaten the structure, ready to fall.

Poor code, a whisper in the dark's embrace,
A ticking time bomb, a potential disgrace.
Don't live with these windows, don't let them reside,
For in their shadows, progress will hide.

Fix them, dear developer, with a steady hand,
Refactor, rewrite, make the code understand.
Polish the logic, let beauty take hold,
Replace the brittle with stories untold.

Embrace the challenge, the struggle to mend,
For in the fixing, your skills ascend.
Each broken window, a chance to refine,
To build a system, that's truly divine.

Don't let inertia hold you in its sway,
Confront the flaws, let the sunlight play.
For in a landscape, where code takes flight,
Broken windows mended, reveal only light.

So shine your light, on every line you write,
Banish the shadows, with all your might.
Let your code whisper, "I'm built to endure,"
And in its perfection, your legacy ensure.

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