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Care About Your Craft

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Why spend your life developing software unless you care about doing it well? ~ Tip excerpted from The Pragmatic Programmer

In realms of code, where minds convene,
A question arises, sharp and keen:
"Why spend your life, with keyboard in hand,
Unless you care, for the craft you command?"

For software's a tapestry, woven with skill,
Each line a thread, fulfilling its will.
To build solutions, that ease and delight,
Requires a passion, burning ever bright.

Care about your craft, let it be your guide,
In the depths of logic, where solutions reside.
For in each keystroke, a masterpiece unfolds,
A story of innovation, waiting to be told.

Embrace the challenges, the puzzles to solve,
With every hurdle conquered, your spirit will evolve.
Learn from failures, let them be your guide,
For in each misstep, wisdom's path will reside.

Collaborate with others, share knowledge and skill,
Together you'll conquer, and rise above any hill.
For in the spirit of community, you'll find,
A support system, where your talents can bind.

So let your passion ignite, a flame that won't dim,
For in the realm of code, your potential will spin.
Care about your craft, with dedication and might,
And watch your skills soar, bathed in pure light.

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