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Forgo Following Fads

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Neal Ford says, “Yesterday’s Best Practice Becomes Tomorrow’s Antipattern.” Choose architectures based on fundamentals, not fashion. ~ Tip #19 from the book "The Pragmatic Programmer"

In realms of code, where trends take flight,
Fads whisper promises, bathed in digital light.
New frameworks bloom, like flowers in May,
But yesterday's hero, fades with the day.

Ford's wisdom echoes, a voice ever clear,
"Best practices crumble, replaced by new fear."
Don't chase the sirens, the hype and the throng,
Build on the bedrock, where logic stays strong.

Fundamentals whisper, a timeless refrain,
Data structures, algorithms, etched in the brain.
Object-oriented grace, a dance in the night,
Patterns proven, bathed in logic's pure light.

Efficiency's flame, a beacon to hold,
No needless complexity, stories untold.
KISS principle's mantra, keep it simple, dear friend,
For elegance thrives, where clarity transcends.

Measure and test, with rigorous gaze,
Unmask the false idols, in logic's bright maze.
Performance whispers, a truth to unfold,
Optimize wisely, let efficiency hold.

Learn from the masters, their wisdom embrace,
But choose your own path, with confident pace.
Experimentation's key, a playground to roam,
Discover new pathways, to call your own home.

So build with purpose, not fashion's bright call,
Let fundamentals guide you, through rise and through fall.
For lasting software, a legacy grand,
Is built on the bedrock, that time cannot withstand.

Raise your keyboard, a banner held high,
Let logic be your compass, as you code and fly.
For in the realm of code, where trends come and go,
Fundamentals whisper, "Software's true flow."

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