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Keep Knowledge in Plain Text

🔴 Disclaimer: This post is enhanced with AI assistance.

Plain text won’t become obsolete. It helps leverage your work and simplifies debugging and testing.
~ Tip #25 from the book "The Pragmatic Programmer"

In realms of code, where circuits hum and sing,
Beware the siren of the encrypted spring.
No fancy formats, cloaked in cryptic veils,
For plain text whispers, where true knowledge trails.

Forget the PDFs, the docs in gilded frames,
Plain text's the hero, unburdened by their games.
No hidden macros, no parsing's endless maze,
Just bytes and lines, a symphony of days.

Like trusty parchment, weathering every storm,
Plain text endures, a code-forged, timeless form.
No software sunset, no upgrade's cruel decree,
It laughs at versions, eternally free.

Debugging's torch, it cuts through tangled lies,
No cryptic symbols, where confusion multiplies.
With open eyes, you see the logic's dance,
Each line a mirror, reflecting truth's expanse.

Testing's armor, forged in plain text's might,
Mocks fancy wrappers, veiled in digital night.
With scripts and tools, you probe the code's embrace,
No hidden corners, escaping logic's chase.

So raise your keyboard, a banner held on high,
Let plain text's wisdom guide you as you code and fly.
For in the realms of bytes and screens, where logic takes its stand,
Plain text's the hero, making software grand.

So code with clarity, let every line unfold,
A testament to truth, in characters of old.
And leave in your wake, a legacy so bright,
Where plain text whispers, "Knowledge takes its flight."

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