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There Are No Final Decisions

๐Ÿ”ด Disclaimer: This post is enhanced with AI assistance.

No decision is cast in stone. Instead, consider each as being written in the sand at the beach, and plan for change. ~ Tip #18 from the book "The Pragmatic Programmer"

In bytes and silicon's shimmering shore,
A whisper of wisdom, forevermore.
"No final decisions," it chants, ever clear,
Like sandcastles built, on waves that draw near.

For choices, like footprints, on shifting sand,
May wash away, reshaped by a changing hand.
New requirements rise, like tides in the night,
Shifting the landscape, bathed in logic's light.

Embrace the unknown, let flexibility reign,
Design for adaptation, like sun and like rain.
Modular systems, like pebbles so small,
Reassemble and flow, at programmer's call.

Abstraction's veil, a shield against the tide,
Protecting the core, where logic can reside.
Interfaces stand firm, like seawalls so strong,
Guiding the changes, where functions belong.

Refactoring's tide, a sculptor's keen hand,
Reshapes the terrain, across the digital sand.
No fear of the unknown, no clinging to past,
Embrace the future, where progress rides fast.

Documentation maps, like charts for the lost,
Guide through the changes, at any cost.
Version control's anchor, a ship in the storm,
Preserves the journey, keeps logic in form.

So code with the future etched in your mind,
Knowing decisions, like shadows, unwind.
Plan for the waves, for the winds of change,
And build software resilient, forever in range.

Let your systems whisper, "I adapt, I evolve,"
A dance with the unknown, a story to solve.
And leave in your wake, a legacy grand,
Where flexibility whispers, across the digital sand.

So raise your keyboard, a banner held high,
Let change be your compass, as you code and fly.
For in the realm of code, where logic takes flight,
No final decisions, make software take flight.

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Kenneth Hong

Great article! Thank you for sharing