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Let Your "WHY" be Your Fire

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The Newbie Wondered

Hey Master, please guide me as I embark on my journey into the software development field.

The Master Murmured, With Eyes Still Shut

Find your guiding star

In realms of logic, where code takes flight,
A developer's journey, bathed in digital light,
Embark on this adventure, a quest untold,
Where lines of code weave stories, never to grow old.

It's not just mechanics, nor syntax defined,
But understanding the landscape, where problems reside,
Embracing the challenges, unyielding and true,
Finding purpose in process, a reason to pursue.

Seek your "why" in this intricate maze,
Like a North Star, it guides you through coding's haze,
Is it the thrill of creation, a masterpiece to behold?
Or the joy of functionality, a story to be told?

It's not just about writing, lines strung one by one,
But crafting solutions, a battle well-won,
Solving puzzles, intricate and grand,
Leaving your mark, a digital footprint in the sand.

Ask yourself deeply, with introspection's gaze,
Why software development? In this digital maze,
Is it the power to change, to make a difference profound?
Or the beauty of creation, where innovation resounds?

Let your "why" be your fire, a passion ablaze,
Guiding your steps through coding's intricate maze,
For in the realm of software, a tapestry unfolds,
Where dreams take flight, and stories untold.

So welcome, young traveler, to this digital land,
Where imagination thrives, and knowledge expands,
Embrace the challenge, let your spirit take flight,
And write your own story, bathed in coding's light.
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