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Good Design Is Easier to Change Than Bad Design

๐Ÿ”ด Disclaimer: This post is enhanced with AI assistance.

A thing is well designed if it adapts to the people who use it. For code, that means it must adapt by changing. ~ Tip #14 from the book "The Pragmatic Programmer"

In code's domain, where logic weaves its spell,
A whispered truth, a lesson to tell.
Not rigid forms, unyielding and cold,
But malleable structures, stories untold.

Good design, it sings, a mantra so bright,
Embraces change, like a butterfly's flight.
Adapts to the users, their needs and their ways,
Transforming with grace, through the sunlit days.

For code, like a garden, forever must grow,
Nurtured by feedback, where knowledge can flow.
New features and fixes, like seeds in the ground,
Bloom into solutions, where problems are drowned.

Bad design, a fortress, with walls built of stone,
Resists every change, like a flower alone.
Brittle and fragile, it crumbles and breaks,
Leaving scars and burdens, for future mistakes.

Refactoring's hammer, a sculptor's keen hand,
Reshapes the code, by logic's command.
Extracting modules, with functions so pure,
Decoupling the chaos, making it endure.

Embrace the change, let flexibility guide,
For good design whispers, "I'm ready to ride."
With open arms, welcome the new,
And watch your code blossom, bathed in morning's dew.

So craft your systems, with adaptability's thread,
Let features and fixes, seamlessly spread.
For in the realm of code, where progress takes flight,
Good design adapts, bathed in change's light.

Leave legacies of logic, that bend and that flow,
A testament to wisdom, where knowledge can grow.
And as your code evolves, through seasons and years,
Remember, dear developer, good design conquers fears.

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