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The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

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In essence, the PDCA cycle is a systematic approach to achieving goals through iterative planning, execution, assessment, and adjustment. Life skills such as goal setting, time management, resilience, and adaptability align with the spirit of PDCA, emphasizing continuous improvement and learning from experiences. Both concepts share the fundamental idea of a cyclical process that leads to ongoing growth and development.

In the realm of code, where logic reigns,
A cycle of progress, alleviating pains.
PDCA's wisdom, a guiding light,
For iterative journeys, where growth takes flight.

First, plan your path, with vision clear,
Define your goals, chase away all fear.
Set milestones and targets, ambitious and true,
A roadmap to follow, for dreams to pursue.

Then, execute with purpose and might,
Each step a victory, in the dawn's early light.
Embrace challenges, overcome every hurdle,
With resilience and passion, unlock your potential's girdle.

Next, check your progress, with a critical eye,
Measure your steps, against the goals that lie.
Identify gaps, where improvements reside,
And adapt your strategy, let reason be your guide.

Finally, act upon insights, with wisdom's embrace,
Refine your approach, set a new pace.
Learn from mistakes, and failures embrace,
For each step forward, sets a new starting space.

Like waves in the ocean, forever in motion,
PDCA's rhythm, a powerful potion.
With each cycle completed, a new level achieved,
Toward mastery and growth, your heart relieved.

So apply this wisdom, in your daily code,
Let PDCA's spirit, forever unload.
For in the realm of progress, where knowledge is key,
This cyclical journey, sets your potential free.

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