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Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year

Leaves of gold and crimson swirl,
Winter's breath begins to curl.
A hush descends, a time to hold,
Stories whispered, tales unfold.

Christmas chimes, a joyous ring,
Memories dance, like angels sing.
Hearts aglow, with candlelight,
Reflecting on the year's pure might.

Challenges faced, with steady hand,
Growth embraced, across the land.
Kindness sown, in gentle deeds,
Planting seeds for future needs.

Stumbles, too, have left their mark,
Shaping strength, a guiding spark.
Resilience forged, in embers bright,
A tapestry of soul, taking flight.

Gather near, with loved ones true,
Savor moments, warm and new.
Laughter spills, like sparkling wine,
Gratitude's song, a melody divine.

Christmas magic, whispers low,
Hope's embrace, where dreams can grow.
Within your heart, a promise lies,
To paint the future with vibrant skies.

So raise a glass, and let it shine,
Merry Christmas, yours and mine!
May the New Year, with open arms,
Bring blessings, joy, and endless charms.

Carry the light, in every stride,
The power within, where dreams reside.
Embrace the magic, let it flow,
This wondrous season, watch it grow.

From starlit nights to laughter's gleam,
Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, it seems!

Happy New Year


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Arowolo Wahab Abiodun

I wish you the same 😇 Compliments of the season 🌟