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Estimate to Avoid Surprises

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Estimate before you start. You’ll spot potential problems up front. ~ Tip #23 from the book "The Pragmatic Programmer"

Imagine coding, a task most grand,
But with no plan, you'll soon be in the sand!
Like the Cat in the Hat, with mischief in tow,
Your code can spiral, oh what a woe!

No deadlines met, just bugs in a swarm,
Users scream, "Fix it! It's not the new norm!"
But fear not, my friend, there's a way to be wise,
Before you code, estimate the size!

Like counting spots on a polka-dotted hat,
Break down the features, where's the time at?
Each task a dot, a story to tell,
Add them together, don't let deadlines yell!

Is it a quick sketch, a doodle so small?
Or a mountain to climb, with features that sprawl?
Knowing the size, you'll dodge the surprise,
No more late nights with tears in your eyes!

So grab your pencil, don't be a Thidwick the Big-Hearted,
Counting and planning, a coder's art started.
For estimates whisper, "Your project's on track,"
No Cat in the Hat chaos, just code with a crack!

Remember, dear friend, it's not just about lines,
But time and resources, where wisdom enshrines.
So estimate, estimate, with a wink and a grin,
And your coding adventures, a happy win-win!

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