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Provide Options, Don’t Make Lame Excuses

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Instead of excuses, provide options. Don’t say it can’t be done; explain what can be done. ~ Tip #4 from The Pragmatic Programmer

In the realm of code, where problems arise,
Excuses like weeds, can choke the skies.
But listen, dear coder, a different decree,
Not walls of "no," but paths to "it can be!"

Forget the lame justifications, the helpless sighs,
Transform obstacles, with options that rise.
Instead of "that's impossible, a task too grand,"
Offer solutions, held in your hand.

Be the bridge-builder, not the gatekeeper's kin,
Craft workarounds, where solutions begin.
Think laterally, explore the unknown,
For innovation blooms where excuses have flown.

Negotiate deadlines, with logic and grace,
Propose alternatives, at a measured pace.
Collaborate with colleagues, minds in a bind,
Together you'll conquer, leaving excuses behind.

Remember, dear coder, your power to choose,
To turn "no" into "yes," and rewrite the news.
So let go of limitations, and doubts that reside,
Embrace options and possibilities, with open eyes wide.

For in the realm of code, where challenges call,
They who provide options, conquer them all.
So rise, dear developer, let your spirit take flight,
And fill the world with solutions, bathed in pure light.

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