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Critically Analyze What You Read and Hear

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Don’t be swayed by vendors, media hype, or dogma. Analyze information in terms of you and your project. ~ tip #10 from "The Pragmatic Programmer" book.

In realms of code, where voices vie,
A chorus of hype, beneath a neon sky.
Vendors peddle, media shouts,
Dogmas whisper, leaving minds in doubts.

But hold, dear developer, stand firm and keen,
Think critically, where filters intervene.
Don't be swayed by sirens' tempting song,
Analyze knowledge, right from wrong.

Is this framework truly a shining gem?
Or just a fad, destined to fade and dim?
Does this library solve a problem dire?
Or bloat your code, with features on fire?

Read reviews, with discerning eye,
Seek diverse voices, beneath the digital sky.
Test and compare, like a scientist bold,
Let data whisper, its stories untold.

Remember your project, its goals and its needs,
Let that be the compass, where your analysis feeds.
Not every trend, nor every tool that gleams,
Will fit your landscape, or fulfill your dreams.

Think critically, question, dissect,
Unravel the hype, where truths are suspect.
For in the realm of code, where knowledge takes flight,
Only informed choices, bring projects to light.

So stand your ground, with mind open wide,
Let reason be your torch, as you navigate the tide.
Be a discerning developer, bold and bright,
And code your future, bathed in reason's pure light.

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