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English is Just Another Programming Language

๐Ÿ”ด Disclaimer: This post is enhanced with AI assistance.

Treat English as Just Another Programming Language. Write documents as you would write code: honor the DRY principle (Do not repeat yourself), ETC (easy to change), automation, and so on. ~ Tip #11 from the book "The Pragmatic Programmer"

In realms of code, where logic reigns,
A whisper stirs, a new domain.
Not lines of script, nor binary chains,
But written word, where knowledge remains.

For English too, a language grand,
With syntax, grammar, at its command.
Treat it with care, a craftsman's hand,
Like lines of code, across the land.

Embrace the DRY, a mantra wise,
No need to repeat, beneath clear skies.
Concise and clear, each word a gem,
Let meaning shine, without a stem.

ETC, the flag for easy change,
Adapt and evolve, rearrange.
Documents mutable, never caged,
Flowing with needs, on time's stage.

Automation's dance, a graceful stride,
Tools and templates, side by side.
Generate, format, with logic's might,
Freeing your mind, to take flight.

Forget the jargon, the techie slang,
Clarity blooms, where simplicity hangs.
Empathy's bridge, across the gap,
Connecting minds, without a mishap.

So write with purpose, each word a key,
Unlocking solutions, for all to see.
For documentation, a story untold,
Is code's companion, worth more than pure gold.

Let English sing, in lines so bright,
A symphony of knowledge, bathed in light.
And in this realm, where code and text entwine,
Your words will echo, a legacy divine.

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