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Iterate the Schedule with the Code

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Use experience you gain as you implement to refine the project time scales. ~ Tip #24 from the book "The Pragmatic Programmer"

Lines of logic, crisp and cold,
A schedule's promise, neatly told.
But code unfolds, a shifting maze,
Time's rigid frame, it rearranges.

Each bug, a whisper in the night,
Reshaping tasks, adjusting light.
Features bloom, unforeseen,
Demanding hours, lush and green.

So hold the schedule, gently bend,
As knowledge whispers, "Time transcends."
Experience, a sculptor's hand,
Refines the plan, on shifting sand.

Don't cling to deadlines, frozen tight,
Embrace the dance, of day and night.
For code's a river, ever flowing,
And schedules, wise, must keep it knowing.

In every line, a whispered plea,
"Adapt, adjust, set time and me."
So let the code and schedule meet,
A symphony of progress, bittersweet.

For deadlines born in ignorance,
Can choke the flow, and dim the chance.
But flexible hands, with wisdom graced,
Craft projects finished, time embraced.

So code and plan, with eyes alight,
Let knowledge guide you, through the night.
For schedules wise, and code refined,
Will leave a legacy, forever entwined.

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