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Nick Taylor
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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Too much turkey

I’m still off for the holidays, but just dropping one last newsletter for the year. It’s a little shorter because I’m recharging for 2023. 😎 The newsletter will resume in mid-January. With that, another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web

  • I love this pixel art studio from Michelle Barker! Go draw something fun and grab the CSS it generates and pop it on your site or blog!
  • I’ve been learning Rust on and off as work has been keeping me pretty busy. I’ve gotten the updated Rust book for my Kobo which is great, but I came across an awesome YouTube channel recently called Let's Get Rusty. I love the way they break things down. I recently caught the episode on ownership in Rust and it’s 🔥! Check it out!

Fun Stuff

Enjoy your downtime capybaras! I know I will!

Shameless Plugs

No shameless plugs aside from that time of year. The Year in Review blog post. It’s been a year of change for me. I left my role as the lead frontend at Forem/ and took the plunge into all things frameworks at Netlify! Grab some popcorn and buckle up!

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